Match Report
St Andrew's Prep, Eastbourne Colts C vs  Triangular vs Windlesham & Hurstpierpoint
On: Wednesday, 25 Sep 2019
Venue: Away

Match report Colts C (The Casuals) vs Windsham and Hurst. Wednesday 25th September.

Unlike last week, the boys set off for their matches during torrential rainfall. A muddy and chaotic game of football seemed to be on the horizon.

Alvaro was able to play for us and I was looking forward to seeing how his creative David Silva esq style would benefit the team. The formation was altered slightly to accommodate his return. With Huggy (the young Emile Heskey) dropping to the bench to begin with. Although my performance analysis assistant (Harry the Gappy) was not accompanying us, I’m sure these are decisions he would have approved of.

Once we arrived and began trekking through the pouring rain and mud towards the pitch (again the furthest away one available) I began to regret my recent promise to wear a suit to every match.

Our first game was against Windesham and it quickly became obvious they had the physical edge over us. In the centre of the park their towering central midfielder dominated us and their speedy attackers posed a serious threat. Within 30 seconds we conceded after some sloppy errors in defence. The boys then did play much better but conceded just before half time. Heads dropped and Windesham dominated the second half with the final score ending 4-0. Windesham played some very good football and delivered a harsh reality check to the boys. The score could have been much more if not for the tireless work of Jacky in defence and for several superb and strong saves from Daniel in goal.

Man of the match was Daniel and the prestigious ‘hard hat’ award went to Jacky.

Our second game was to begin against Hurst almost immediately after the first game. We had time for a quick team talk in which the boys were urged to keep their heads up and keep working as a team and play the football they were capable of. The game against Hurst was an incredibly tight and tense affair. Both goalkeepers made several good saves. The Casuals definitely improved their passing and work rate during this game. Ashe didn’t stop running and covered every blade of grass, proving to be a real nuisance for Hurst. Huggy and Leo both went close to scoring and Jacky and Toby were solid at the back with Jacky treating the spectators to several signature ‘Jack Attack’ slide tackles which repeatedly sent both ball, man and mud flying. Douggie had let his head drop in the first game but he came out in the second game with a point to prove and must be praised for his willingness to always tear up and down the wing. Mark played with poise and maturity, always willing to look up and play the right pass, if he grows in confidence he could prove to be a real handful going forward. But it was Alvaro (on a season long loan from Valencia) who created the first goal. With his bright orange boots and long brown locks and necklace flowing in the wind, he collected the ball and turned silky, looked up and delivered a beautiful defence splitting through ball for Huggy, who took one touch before calmly slotting home into the far corner to make the score 1-0 as the referee blew for half time.

Clearly buoyed by his goal, Hugo hurtled around the pitch in the second half, flying into tackles and making several piercing runs. He went close to scoring once more after being played in smartly by Leo. Huggy’s workrate was so great that I had to take him off to prevent him collapsing from exhaustion. At this moment our lynchpin at the back, Jacky, took a nasty knock to the shoulder whilst challenging for the ball. Ever the warrior, after a brief break in play Jacky determinedly said he was going to play on. Jacky returned to the field and helped the Casuals through a few last minutes scares to hold onto the victory.

Their determined performance in this victory ensures the boys could leave the tournament with their heads held high.

The man of the match for the second game was Huggy and Jacky once again won the ‘Hard Hat’ award.

The record for the season stands now at Played 5, Won 4, Lost 1. Although the possibility of an ‘invincibles’ season is gone, the boys still should be looking to have a very successful season.